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“My audience is who I was before I moved down here…at the end of my video, if people want to go fishing, I did a good job.” 

- Joshua Jorgensen

Podcast Synopsis

Joshua Jorgensen goes by the handle BlacktipH on social media and YouTube.  Beginning with shark fishing at the beach, his videos have grown to include all types of fishing, including freshwater and saltwater.  BlacktipH has over 900,000 subscribers, and two of his videos have over 40 million views, while others have reached 8-10 million views. Josh is a YouTube sensation and continues to raise the bar with his quality production. I managed to find a time with Josh to sit down in his office and learn where he came from, what he is doing now, and where he feels BlacktipH is going.

Joshua was born in Canada but raised in southern Florida. Wanting to major in theoretical physics at a local university, but disappointed in the education system, he decided to get experience by working for his father. Joshua later worked for labs that included projects for the government and NASA. Still not completely content in his work, Josh turned to videotaping himself catching sharks, and quickly became a YouTube sensation.

Since then, Joshua fishes anything from sharks to mullets, and wants to inspire as many people as he can to go fishing. He describes that fishing is more than just casting a line; it is a learning process. Currently, Josh has been spending his time creating new businesses and loves being a dad to his two children.

Joshua and I also discuss thoroughly about the importance of nutrition and being a great family man. We both agree that while our careers can be time consuming, nothing beats spending time with our families. This is a fascinating interview that allows his fans to get to know him on a much different level than simply through BlacktipH. 

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See you on the water,

- Tom Rowland