Matt Lawson - How SealFit Kokoro and 20x Supercharged His Life




Podcast Synopsis

"I definitely felt that. It's how I would frame that. One way I would say it would be, it's something bigger than myself at the end of the day. Also, another big takeaway is having that strong "Why?" "Why am I here? Why am I doing this?" Like starting that journey back in May of '13, "Why am I doing Kokoro? Why am I going down this path?" It was really from our family, our son being born. Also, for myself, just to get back in shape and stuff and I wanted something totally different. The SEALFit experience from 20X to Kokoro was a thousand times better than what I originally thought it was going to be. I would recommend it to anyone."

– Matt Lawson

The birth of his second child left Matt Lawson searching for a way to take better care of himself for his family. He wanted something more holistic than the typical workout regimen, something more along the lines of both mind AND body training. He started with the Unbeatable Mind Program and corresponding workouts. The Unbeatable Mind process focuses on being present and aware as as you train your body, and the four pillars of the program are controlling your breath, positive self-talk, visualization, and effective goal setting.

Lawson started SEALFit in May 2013, and by November 2013, he was in a 20X event. This is an intense, 12-hour, nonstop event that will show you that you’re capable of 20 times more than you think you can do. This was Lawson’s stepping stone event to the SEALFit Kokoro, which is where our brotherhood really begins.

Listen in to hear how Lawson and I have applied the principles of these programs and events to our everyday lives, in regard to both family and business. Learn our favorite resources to prepare our bodies and minds for such intense events, favorite books and podcasts, and how getting out of your comfort zone can impact literally every aspect of your life.

An event like this could really benefit anyone in any profession. It might be hard for some people to understand or even get their mind around how going out and training with a team of Navy SEAL's for 50 hours in the cold ocean on a California beach might somehow make you a better fishing guide, might make you a better outfitter or a television host. I can promise you that it did for me."

- Tom Rowland