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“My whole mission was to make the cash so I could fish.”

Podcast Synopsis

Jeff Maggio is the go-to tarpon guide for the Broward and Dade counties taking over 230 trips a year. Jeff teamed up with his buddy Lamont who was in the production industry and they began making fishing videos before YouTube existed. He has a tremendous following of “Reel Guys” who know exactly “how to get a dozen”. Over the past 10 years LunkerDog has continued producing videos and showing the world how “reel” guys/girls fish. Jeff was an early adopter of UStream, Youtube, Forums and all things internet.

My favorite story that Jeff shared was how he started to make money over some years and returned to Ft. Lauderdale and go fishing for short trips. He went to the bar that he used to work for in Ft. Lauderdale and he says it was a wreck. The bar was used to be the go-to place but was in a heavy decline and Jeff asked the owner what happened. The owner said that if he had 20-grand in cash he would just walk away from the bar, and since Jeff worked in the dry-cleaner business he was cash heavy. So he went home and put 20-grand in a bag and went back to the bar and gave it to the owner.

So without too much thought Jeff had just bought a bar. The owner just handed him the keys and left. Jeff moved back to Massachusetts and wrapped up everything in a year and moved to Ft. Lauderdale to run the bar. From that point he started working with fishing through tournaments and part-time guiding for snook and tarpon. Despite setbacks with Hurricane Charlie and other difficulties Jeff started LunkerDog with fishing videos and is now one of the top online fishing shows and recently launched a podcast.

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You can follow Jeff Maggio on Instagram @lunker_dog

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