Turner Rowland - EMT/Wilderness EMT Through NOLS, Working In National Parks And Guest Ranches




Podcast Synopsis

My oldest son, Turner, is almost 21.  In his few short years since graduating high school, he has worked in Yellowstone National Park and as a wrangler at a guest ranch in Whitefish, MT.  Recently, he graduated from an intensive one month course by National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) to earn his EMT and Wilderness EMT.

Turner and I are driving across the country to Bozeman, Montana where Turner will begin training as an Elk hunting guide this fall.  On the long drive, I learned through Turner about the NOLS school and working in the Western United States.  

I began this road into the outdoor industry by working as a maid in Yellowstone National Park.  Over the last 30 years, I have helped over 50 young people to find a job in the National Parks.  Among those kids was my son, Turner, and my niece and nephew, Juliette and Finn.  Each of these young people have had incredible experiences through their summers and have chosen to either work in the parks or hone in on the activity that they most enjoy.

I have received many questions about how someone can get started in the outdoor industry.  If you or someone you know may like to work in the Western United States or in a National Park, this podcast is a must.

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- Tom Rowland